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Our Story

A Luxury aroma, By The Best


Voilà signature deluxe hair fragrances are produced exclusively to capture the South of France, representing seasonally and daily wears to enhance the essence of femininity at its apical. 

All hair mist are 30 ml with the base of water to moisten the strands.  The scents are perfected to wear are various parts of the day, season, or occasion.

OUR Products

Voilà signature hair fragrances are designed specifically for the hair and contain nourishing Vitamin E and Castor Oil to provide a sensorial experience that lasts without drying the hair.

Our five (5) inventive luxe products are nearly 50% less alcohol in every scent as compared to your traditional body perfumes.

Joanne Laverson

Founder & Executive Director of Voilà Luxe Beauty / NVME Brands.

Voilà Hair Mist

A spritz of Voilà will leave you smelling amazing from head to toe.